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Invoking a higher level of consciousness with a holistic and natural approach to water quality.
Specializing in custom drinking water, whole house, and commercial systems.
Next generation of water technologies for lake/pond management and nature inspired flowing water art features.
Comprehending and copying nature, with focus on living water.
Catching Water

Water Quality Matters

The Best Water Systems on Earth Mimic Mother Nature

Experience the wonders of water, a gift from Mother Nature herself. While we often take it for granted, nothing compares to the satisfaction of quenching your thirst with cold, crystal-clear water. Whether it’s a refreshing sip or a dive into a pristine lake on a scorching day, water brings us joy and teaches us valuable lessons.

Water, or H20, is essential for our very survival. Without it, our bodies can only last a few days. That’s how crucial water is to our well-being. But not all water is created equal. Pure, mineral-rich, and clean water offers incredible benefits for your body and mind.

So, where can you find the highest-quality water that nourishes your body and revitalizes your environment? Look no further than spring water.  Sourced directly from the embrace of Mother Earth, this pure water contains a treasure trove of vital minerals that our bodies crave. Those fortunate enough to drink from a mountain spring will testify that it’s not only the best tasting but also the most thirst-quenching water they’ve ever experienced.

Don’t have access to ample amounts of pure natural spring water?

We offer the perfect solution…

A TrueSpring

Drinking Water System



Custom Water Systems

The TrueSpring custom system creates natural spring-water-quality drinking water with premium cellular hydrating abilities right in your kitchen.


Nevin's drinking water system


TrueSpring is an easy install by your handyperson or plumber but we also offer installation services for our custom systems.

clear lake

Lake and Pond Health

TrueSpring can heal your lake or pond of overgrown weeds, algae, foul odors, and cloudy water naturally, without the use of chemicals.

Nevin at Workshop


We are looking forward to meeting you in person! Nevin is available to present on water topics at your workshop. Be sure to join our mailing list to stay informed on our upcoming appearances


Flow Forms Water Art

Flowforms are elegantly simple fountains inspired by the natural movements of mountain streams that revitalize water and create negative ions that are linked to improved mood, lowered stress, and mental energy.

Nevin at Event


Make your event more eco-friendly and water conscious. TrueSpring can provide delicious revitalized drinking water, educational material, and water art displays for events of all sizes.

copper watering wand

Conscious Gardening Tools

Growing your own food is a hands-on way to lower your foodprint. With these tools, it’s easy to give your plants filtered, enlivened water and enjoy bigger, healthier crops.

Lake Consultation


Nevin Eckert, founder of TrueSpring is available for consultations to evaluate and plan for the optimization of water systems for your home, business, lake, pond, or wastewater systems internationally.

Viktor Schauberger

Water Education and Resources

Quench your thirst for knowledge on water quality, the environment, and your health with TrueSpring. With over 27 years of research and experience, we’ve curated a wealth of valuable material just for you. Dive into our extensive collection and learn more by clicking the link below. Explore now!

Client Testimonials

Here's what our customers have to say…

We are very pleased with the quality of the equipment and the drinking water that Nevin has introduced us to. Thanks Nevin for the great water set up. I love the way this water tastes and I wish I can post a video of a man from the village where I am filling his bottle with this health drinking water. Nevin is always a text or phone call away. Myself and my friend Rochelle installed the unit and Nevin was available before, during and after the installation , to ensure all went well. Thanks a lot my friend Nevin for introducing this water system to my friend Rochelle.

From Africana Village of Peace, Old Akrade, Akosombo Ghana

Abdul Aziz Mohammed November 15, 2022

When I decided to switch from spring water delivery to a sink system, I filtered through heaps of information before reaching out to Nevin. I’m glad that I found him! He’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic and truly cares about quality water and customer satisfaction. My TrueSpring system is working perfectly (I’ve had it for three months now), and I recommend it to all my family and friends.

HH November 30, 2022

We are very pleased with the quality of the equipment and the drinking water that Nevin has introduced us to. Healing water is a big part of what we have been looking for as well as our food. We have only had it in for a few months but you can taste the quality. Nevin worked with us on a couple shipping issues and he stood behind his product as well as answered any questions we had with the system. We highly recommend Nevin and his products.

Doug McDowall November 5, 2022

Not only is Nevin an expert on the fundamentals and everything water, he’s a master at customer service. most of my family members are customers and close friends with him, and he has always delivered with genuine care and generosity. He was able to do a faucet install in great time and it was ready to go after a few refill cycles! This water has benefited me in every use I have with it, it’s the ONLY water I drink!

Lantz Hunt November 1, 2022

Nevin is very pleasant to deal with and sells a top-notch product. I believe that an investment in clean, energized water is one of the best things that I can do for my overall health and am looking forward to the long-term benefits that I will see from using this system. I have been using Nevin’s system for about two months and am already seeing the effects, particularly the feeling of having more energy. When I’m away from home for a few days and drinking other sources of water, I’m also now noticing a thirstiness that was never detectable before.

Katie Gallagher August 10, 2022

I never knew I could love water like this!! I have been struggling with a variety of health issues over the last few years, and at a certain point I realized I really needed to be drinking better water. I tried a different cheaper option first, but in the end nothing compares to the system Nevin has put together. Nevin is a wealth of information, and always a phone call away to answer questions. I’m so grateful for the work he has put into researching water, and for this beautiful system he has pieced together. Seriously life-changing. I am happy knowing my two kiddos are getting to drink this water while they grow. After only about a month there are noticeable improvements in my health! Thank you, thank you, thank you Nevin!

Arielle Leleu March 20, 2022